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Battle of The Brands - Stihl vs Husqvarna Complete Pack!

Battle of The Brands is back! and this time with an even bigger prize! Choose from either a Stihl or Husqvarna complete farm maintenance pack worth upto £1,399!! This fantastic prize could be yours for just £6.99!!
Battle of The Brands - Stihl vs Husqvarna Complete Pack!

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About the Giveaway

Choose your weapons!! Sometimes the best brand to go with comes down to personal preference, so we've pitted the two biggest names in garden machinery against each other to fight it out in our latest Battle of The Brands Giveaway!

We're giving one lucky winner the chance to choose between a Husqvarna or Stihl Complete Farm Maintenance Pack! The winner will take home a chainsaw, strimmer, leaf blower and hedgecutter from their chosen brand! These fantastic prizes are worth upto a whopping £1,399 and could be yours for just £5.99!!

Both packs contain 4 of the brands latest in garden machinery, giving you a one-stop-shop pack of everything you'll need to keep things neat and tidy at home or on the farm!

The Stihl Farm Maintenance Pack contains:

  • Chainsaw - Stihl MS211 worth £390 - 35.2cc 1.7kW 14" Bar Saw
  • Strimmer - Stihl Fs 50 worth £250 - 27.2cc 0.8 kW Strimmer/Bush cutter
  • Leaf Blower - Stihl BG56 worth £285 - 0.7kW Blower
  • Hedgecutter - Stihl HS45 worth £298 - 27.2cc 0.75kW 24" Knife length

or choose,

The Husqvarna Farm Maintenance Pack contains: 

  • Chainsaw - Husqvarna 435 ii worth £477 - 40.9cc 1.6kW 15" Bar Saw
  • Strimmer - Husqvarna 129RJ worth £279 - 27.5cc 0.8kW Strimmer/Bush cutter
  • Leaf Blower - Husqvarna 125B worth £279 - 28cc 0.8kW Blower
  • Hedgecutter - Husqvarna 122HD60 worth £329 - 21.7cc 0.6kW 24" Knife length

So don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on £1,399 worth of farm maintenance gear for just £5.99!!

PLUS: It's a rollover! 5 Lucky runners up will receive their ticket value back as Giveaway Credit, to maximise your chances of winning! 

and now, Unbelievable odds of winning with only 425 tickets available!!

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Upon completion of this Giveaway, all valid entrants will be allocated a random ticket number. There will only be 425 tickets available for this Giveaway and a maximum of 20 entries per person so you really can maximise your chances of winning. We'll announce the draw date once half of the tickets have been allocated, and the draw will be broadcast live on our Facebook and Instagram pages using Google Random Number Generator. Don't worry, we'll contact the lucky winner directly if you aren't watching the Live Draw!

If any items are out of stock these will be delivered to the winner as soon as available.


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